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10 DIY Fire Starters Anyone Can Make at Home


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Starting a fire can be a crucial part of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or even in your own backyard for a cozy evening by the fire pit. However, getting the fire started can be a challenge, especially if you don't have the right tools or materials. Fortunately, with some basic household items, you can create your own DIY fire starters that are easy to make, cost-effective, and efficient.


Here are ten DIY fire starters that anyone can make at home:


Egg carton fire starter - This is one of the easiest fire starters to make. Simply take an empty cardboard egg carton, fill each compartment with dryer lint, sawdust, or shredded paper, and pour melted wax over the top. Once it cools and hardens, break off a compartment, and use it to start your fire.


Cotton ball and petroleum jelly - Mix petroleum jelly and cotton balls in a small container until the cotton balls are fully saturated. Store them in a resealable bag and take them with you on your next camping trip for a quick and easy fire starter.


Fire starters with sawdust and wax - Combine sawdust and wax in a small bowl, then shape the mixture into small balls. Let them cool, and you have a portable fire starter that you can take with you on your next outdoor adventure.


Dryer lint and toilet paper rolls - Collect dryer lint and stuff it into the cardboard tubes of empty toilet paper rolls. Dip the ends in melted wax, let them dry, and cut them into small sections to create instant fire starters.


Pine cone fire starter - Collect pine cones, then dip them in melted wax, and let them dry. The wax will help the pine cones burn longer, making them an ideal fire starter.


Char cloth - Cut cotton fabric into small squares and place them in a small tin container. Heat the tin container over a flame until the cloth turns black and charred. This creates char cloth that can be used to start a fire.


Fire starter with paraffin wax and newspaper - Crumple up newspaper and place it in an empty tuna can. Pour melted paraffin wax over the newspaper and let it cool. Once it hardens, break it into small pieces and use it as a fire starter.


Wine cork fire starter - Save your wine corks and soak them in rubbing alcohol for a few hours. Once they're fully soaked, place them in a resealable bag and take them with you on your next camping trip.


Duct tape fire starter - Roll duct tape tightly into a ball, then light the edges with a lighter. The duct tape will burn slowly, providing a steady flame to help start your fire.


Fire starter with cardboard and candle wax - Cut up cardboard into small pieces and place them in a muffin tin. Melt candle wax and pour it over the cardboard. Once it cools and hardens, break off a section and use it as a fire starter.


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