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Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf
Bamboo shelf

2-Tier Bamboo Fruit And Vegetables Bowl for Kitchen Counter


This bamboo shelving is the perfect solution for the home, bathroom, countertops, family room, garage, storage room and more, while remaining stylish while also taking home a new modern kitchen. You can also bring one for your loved ones on birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or someone moving to a new house. Unlike metal and iron designs, our bamboo shelves are perfect for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. This design has been used to get the best airflow from different angles. Great for helping your fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer.

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100% high quality bamboo, bamboo has higher tensile strength than steel and does not cause any environmental impact on the earth when harvested and replenished. Our bamboo shelves are built to last. Each tier of this decorative tabletop stand is capable of holding fruit and items while being sturdy and never wobbling. Great for eliminating countertop clutter and keeping things neat and organized.





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12.83×12.17×9.96 inch

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Wood finish:



Bamboo storage box


Sturdy and never shake, durable


Wood color




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45 days after the contract is signed


T/T L/C D/P with 30% prepayment

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Yingtuo is a professional export-oriented bamboo and wood products enterprise with many years of professional experience integrating product design development manufacturing and sales. We set up a factory Yingtuo Co. Ltd. in a place where the bamboo forest is lush.


Our factory has the most Among them CNC machine tools 2012 laser machine stamping machines 84 assembly lines automatic electrostatic spraying lines 4 automatic packaging lines and 43 drying rooms are the most advanced automatic and semi-automatic mechanical equipment in the bamboo and wood industry.


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Bamboo shelves are a beautiful and sustainable way to add storage to any room.


Bamboo is a strong, durable, and eco-friendly material that can be used to create beautiful furniture and home decor.


Bamboo shelves are perfect for storing books, plants, or other knick-knacks. They can also be used as a display shelf for photos or other collectibles.


Bamboo shelves are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any need.


A bamboo shelf is a type of shelving made from bamboo, a fast-growing grass that is native to Asia. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material that is also very strong and durable.


Bamboo shelves are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor storage. Bamboo shelves are a great way to add extra storage space to your home without taking up too much space.


If you are looking for an eco-friendly storage solution, bamboo shelves are a great option.


Our 2-Tier Bamboo Fruit and Vegetables Bowl is a must-have for any kitchen counter. Made from high-quality bamboo, this elegant yet practical bowl is the perfect way to keep your fruits and vegetables organized and easily accessible.


The two-tier design allows you to store more produce in less space, while the open design lets you easily see and access everything inside. The bowl is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for busy households.


The open design of the bowl allows for easy access to your produce, making it a convenient and practical choice for daily use. The two-tiered design also maximizes storage space, allowing you to organize and display more fruits and vegetables in a compact footprint. Plus, the bowl is easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth when needed.


Whether you're a health-conscious family looking for a convenient way to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh or a foodie looking for a stylish centerpiece for your kitchen, our 2-Tier Bamboo Fruit and Vegetables Bowl is the perfect choice. So why wait? Order yours today!


Bamboo shelves are a great way to add storage and style to any room in your home. They are perfect for displaying plants, photos, books, and other decorations. Bamboo shelves are also very strong and durable, making them a great choice for heavy items. More bamboo products wholesale, click to learn more.