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Kindling Stick


A kindling stick is a small, thin piece of wood that is used to help start a fire. It is usually made from a softwood, such as pine, and is easy to ignite. A kindling stick is placed on top of the larger pieces of wood in a fire pit, and then set on fire. Once it is burning well, the larger pieces of wood are added to the fire.

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Make your firewood burn more. Light a flame easily with these fire sticks. Use on campfire grills, in the fireplace to keep warm on cold nights, or for toasting marshmallows around a campfire - these fat wood kindling sticks are a sure-fire and easy way to bring you the charm of a real fire in no time at all !

▪ Naturally long lasting-These fireproof wood chips are free of chemicals and additives and can be stored for long periods of time without rotting. These quick start starters fire even when wet - perfect for indoor and outdoor use! Natural pine roots create resin-rich firestarters that are perfect for use as a fire for a hot dog while camping or on cold winter nights.

▪ Easy to ignite-Made from natural pine stumps, these firestarters ensure faster, more complete flames and a high concentration of wood - reducing the need for harmful chemical firestarters. Just place 2-3 fat logs in the desired space. Lay the firewood on the stick, leaving room for air to flow freely. Light the stick and you'll appreciate the fire in no time!

▪ Multifunctional-Practical and user-friendly, these pine sticks provide a safe and clean quick-start ignition for a variety of uses. These lighters are great for outdoor grills, camping, campfires and fire pits - useful even when wet or damp. Also, use a stone stove, pellet stove, or wood-burning fireplace to keep warm indoors.





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Kindling Stick is a high-quality wooden product we produce, specifically designed to ignite firewood for stoves, fireplaces, and camping fires. We use high-quality cypress wood, and each Kindling Stick is finely processed and cut to ensure that each firewood can be quickly ignited.


Our Kindling Stick is not only convenient and easy to use, but also has strong combustion performance. They can be ignited without the use of any chemicals, allowing you to confidently enjoy a warm stove at home or outdoors.


Our Kindling Stick is of moderate size for easy storage and portability. Each box of Kindling Sticks has enough quantity to keep you ready for fuel and enjoy warmth and comfort anytime, anywhere.


Our Kindling Stick is also an environmentally friendly choice. Using our cypress wood firewood can reduce negative impacts on the environment and make your life more sustainable.


The Kindling Sticks are designed to burn quickly and cleanly, producing minimal smoke and ash. They are easy to light and ignite with just a match or lighter, and they can be used on their own or with other fire-starting materials.


In short, if you need a convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly firewood, then our Kindling Stick is definitely your best choice. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products and enjoy a warm and comfortable living environment.